A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember is an original faith-based Christmas story
by Lance Micklus of Essex Junction, Vermont. All rights reserved.


Learn more about the story and our plans to turn it into a faith-based motion picture..


Read a page from the screenplay: The time is 1941 in Europe. Santa is interrogated by Colonet Van Brello, an SS officer, who wants him to help in the war effort.

Midnight Ride of Santa Claus

When nine year old Carolyn Whitmore's parents are killed in an auto accident, she sends a letter of Santa for help. Theodore and Tilly-Bear of The Teddy Bear Monastery are two of the main characters in a faith-based motion picture called The Midnight Ride Of Santa Claus. Use this link to read a scene from the screenplay and to look at some of the visual concept being developed for this project.

The Fourth Chime

When Theodore and Tilly-Bear, along with Santa and Jessica Claus, try to save the life of a terminally ill boy, they encounter a storm that threatens to kill everyone. The Fourth Chime is the second story of a trilogy that retells the legend of Santa Claus. Use this link to read a scene from the screenplay and to listen to some of the music tracks that will be used in the movie.

Story of the Teddy Bear Monastery THE STORY OF THE TEDDY BEAR MONASTERY

This Internet story book is a short story by Lance Micklus. It tells the story of how two teddy bears named Theodore and Tilly-Bear were called to a world-wide Christian ministry. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs. Click on the banner to begin your teddy bear journey.

Just 4 Teddy Bears

Click the banner above to visit Theodore and Tilly-Bear™ at their own website called Just 4 Teddy Bears™.

A Christmas to Remember is an original work created and copyrighted
by Lance Micklus. All rights reserved.

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