A Christman to Remember

An original work created by
Lance Micklus

Fire Behind the Castle

In Europe during 1941, war is on the horizon. Colonel Zeplin Van Brello, German SS, is determined to appropriate all of Santa's resources - by force, if need be - to support the war effort. When Santa refuses to provide any assistance, Van Brello brands him a traitor to be hunted down and killed.

Meanwhile, ten year old Sister Anne, at the Fletchermont Monastery, tries to protect her five favorite teddy bears - Theodore, Tilly-Bear, Honey Bear, Nash, and Pete - from the war headed her way. She is ultimately kidnapped by Van Brello to be used as bate to lure Santa into a trap that leaves him with only two choices: Support the war effort or die.

A Christmas to Remember answers several questions about the legend of Santa Claus:

1. Why is he located at the North Pole?

2. Why does he wear a red suit?

3. Why does everybody in the house have to be asleep before he will enter?

This film will be rated PG-13 as a warning to parents that it may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. One scene in the film may be too scary for small children - although teenagers should have no problem with it. Because it is rated PG-13, the story contains profanity.

A Chritmas to Remember is the third story in a trilogy that retells the legend of Santa Claus. This project is currently looking for $100 million in funding to turn the first part of the trilogy, called The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus, into a motion picture. It is an ideal project for production in digital 3D. Persons with a serious intent to produce a major motion picture with strong Christian themes should contact Lance Micklus by E-Mail using the special secured link provided. A non-discloser agreement must be signed and returned before copies of the story synopsis, a production ready movie script, and other related materials will be forwarded.

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